Dan has been trying out various water effects today, all he needs is a tiny man to fit in this jar.  The jar will not be appearing in the film and no jars will be harmed during the making of it.

Personal collections

zpfile016Today the smaller props are being sourced.   These are item’s for Max’s desk in his dressing room.   But what else is going on in there?   This is where our film starts and where a secret is discovered.   Also today our costume supervisor has been to the National, to secure costumes for our two actresses.

Today’s Tasks – Costume and Props


Today we have been sorting costumes and props, which has involved a lot of time on the phone to companies and to each other.

This is the Houdini Tank we will be using on stage for ‘The Great Maxwell’, the Edwardian escape artist.

Countdown to the Shoot!


We are now in pre-production on Sealed with a Kiss and have a shoot date of the 3rd September, so one week to go!   Things have been busy, sourcing water tanks, straight jackets and arranging the final details.   We’ll be posting our progress as we go, right up to and after the shoot next week.

Sealed With a Kiss

Theatre and tank
While our feature is on the back burner, we are pressing ahead with a new short film.

This has been written by and will be directed by Darren Rapier and shot by Dan Salter. More news to follow ASAP.

Mid Field Strength

malvern%20hills%20looking%20north[1]After a long break with our heads down we are now full on with securing a cast. Due to the fact we want to still push for a September/October shoot we have decided not to spend energy on a trailer but put all our efforts into the main production. Instead we will be scheduling a reading of the script for an invited audience at the BFI over the next few weeks. We hope to have some casting details soon.

Flying with the Pilot



This month we are moving forward with plans to shoot a pilot/ trailer.   Nigel is looking at the script to choose which scenes we want to film and casting is moving ahead with more discussions with our preferred cast.   We also have a fantastic director of photography on board now, with a local connection to the film.