Sealed With a Kiss

Theatre and tank
While our feature is on the back burner, we are pressing ahead with a new short film.

This has been written by and will be directed by Darren Rapier and shot by Oona Menges. More news to follow ASAP.

Mid Field Strength

malvern%20hills%20looking%20north[1]After a long break with our heads down we are now full on with securing a cast. Due to the fact we want to still push for a September/October shoot (Oona our Director of Photography is especially Keen) we have decided not to spend energy on a trailer but put all our efforts into the main production. Instead we will be scheduling a reading of the script for an invited audience at the BFI over the next few weeks. We hope to have some casting details soon.

Flying with the Pilot



This month we are moving forward with plans to shoot a pilot/ trailer.   Nigel is looking at the script to choose which scenes we want to film and casting is moving ahead with more discussions with our preferred cast.   We also have a fantastic director of photography on board now, with a local connection to the film.

Gathering a cast

After a good meeting in Covent Garden on Tuesday things are moving forward with casting.  

We are now debating whether studio or location interiors would work best.   There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but we will need to balance travel and accommodation costs against build costs for our rural settings.

Creating the Schedule

Over the last couple of weeks we have been preparing a schedule for the film.   This will allow us to know how much we can actually offer our actors and therefore have a more definite approach to them/ their agents.

The film is relatively low budget, but now Nigel has had a chance to think about the shoot we still have two very big scenes:   at a football pitch in Weobley and two stunt scenes.   We will need to get stunt and fight arrangers for both of these.

It looks like we will be doing a 4 week shoot and have gone for a September slot, due to light – we have a lot of night shoots.   The film has about 50% interior and 50% exteriors.   This may be problematic, but more so for the two day football scene, as the weather cannot contrast too much.

A decision I have made (as writer/co- producer) is to move our London scenes from Vauxhall to Greenwich.   The main reason for this is the ease of favours (I live and have worked in and around the Greenwich area for years) and the location of a large local and very small local football club.   I have always maintained that this film is not about football, but it does have a large element of social football and these clubs may be able to help with players, advice or maybe even sponsorship?

Greenwich also has the right demographic for the backgrounds of the characters – some will come from a Woolwich housing estate, some from Greenwich itself – and I think it will actually work better than the original setting.

The Development of a Feature Film

This year we are hoping to make our first feature film The Road to Weobley. An ideal shooting date would be July/ August 2013 and at this stage that is what we’re aiming for. The screenplay has been written by Darren Rapier and Nigel Keen is set to direct, with Darren Rapier and Enrico Tessarin as co- producers. At this point in time that is all we have definitely in place, so watch this space on the day to day development, triumph and failures of getting something produced and ready for theatrical release within 12 months!